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Go. Do. BE! – Join a Committee!

We need our Bend Friends and volunteers to become more active beyond cleanups and trailblazing.

Our "Members and Volunteers" roster is nearing the size of a small community. Volunteer Committees are a great way to put your special skills and talents to use for the benefit of the park, your community and the state!

Volunteer Committees generally meet on their own to develop plans and activities. The Chairperson or a delegated representative will attend the Board of Directors Meeting to present the plans to the Board.

Check out the committees below then email with your choice(s). Please state what you would like to do for the Committee(s) and how your talents, skills and knowledge apply.

Events ~ Plan and coordinate big events, such as the Annual Meeting and Grand Opening, including phone calls, legwork and setup.

History and Preservation ~ learn all you can about the park property through bookwork, interviews and on-site archaeological work -- and prepare to present that in the park's Visitor Center.

Botanical ~ get out on the trails and identify what we have out there — it would be great to go along on Trail Scouting and Routing missions to help us avoid sensitive spots or areas. Take photos and eventually assist with an intepretive display in the Visitor Center.

Membership ~ assist with sign-in at Volunteer Days, handle new member signups, conduct membership drives at local events...

Geocaching ~ there are a bunch of geocaches at The Bend. Learn what geocaching is, hold "learning hikes" for newbies, and more!

Trails ~ Scouting, routing and trail section leader opportunities. (Trail building... that's just about everyone!)

Fund Raising ~ invite local businesses and organizations to donate funds (or time, since in reality, time is money).

Riverkeepers ~ paddle patrol the Hooch for debris and navigational hazards.

Equestrian ~ equine trails, facilities maintenance and activities.

Communications ~ website, email, social media, photography, maps, etc.


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