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Donate (via PayPal) to the Friends of Chattahoochee Bend and help us build hiking, biking and horseback riding trails.

Your contribution will be used to purchase and/or rent the tools, materials, machinery and supplies we will need to build -- and maintain -- the estimated 24+ miles of trail at the park.

If you are donating In Memoriam, please note for whom the donation is in honor of.

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Generous Donors

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Adams, Jr.
Mike and Julia Barber
Paul and Judy Bass
Mr. and Mrs. Allyn Bell
Walter and Donna Bellisle
Kathy Boggs
Dennis and Angela Boswell
Bryon Butterworth
Jack and Liz Camp
Caring Hearts Sunday School Class,
    First Baptist Church of Newnan
Tom and Nancy Carson
Jane and Ned Chambless
Gene and Patsy Chestnut
The Daugherty Family
Roger Davidson
Jimmy and June Duncan
John and Vivian Dunn
Scott Elmore
Leslie and Kathleen Fickling
Frank and Doris Ford
Susan Goodroe
Ed and Mary Gordon
Gary and Janette Haney
Dale and David Harwell
Laura Heilman
Pam and Mike Hembree
James and Patricia Hodges
Marian Holloway
Amy Johnson
Claudia Johnson
Daniel E. Johnson
Joshua Sunday School Class,
    First Baptist Church of Newnan
The Brothers of Kappa Phi/Alpha
    Tau Omega, University of West GA
Philip and Lorraine LaRue
The Lyles Family
Spencer Luckie
Robert and Beth Middlemuss
Alice and Robin Miller
Bev and John O’Connor
David and Carol Parrot
Potpourri Group
John and Joan Secor
Carol Lee Shankel
Rhodes Shell
J.Neal and Jodie Shepard
Barton and Elizabeth Showalter
Bob and Nancy Teller
Robin Thomas
Fred and Susan Wareham
Marcus and Angelynn Whitlock
John and Penelope Wilson
Nancy Windom
Melanie Youngblood

Park Map - as of 11/20/2016

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Updated 22 November, 2016   

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