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Friends and Horse Lovers Everywhere!

A large group of volunteers once signed up to be on an Equestrian Committee to spearhead the planning and building of horseback riding trails at Chattahoochee Bend State Park.

As with the hiking trails at The Bend, horse trails will be built and maintained entirely by volunteers. This is your call to action... your chance... to bring a whole new level of fun to your park.

Construction of horse trails will make The Bend a destination for riding enthusiasts for miles around. This will generate more visitors and more revenue for the park and the Friends organization. That means more trails and more healthy outdoor activity for everyone!

Now... we won't sugar-coat it. Building horse trails is more difficult than building mountain bike trails and is way more difficult than building hiking trails. The Friends and the Equestrian Committee are looking for people who are willing to make a commitment to help forge and maintain a great horseback riding trail system right in our backyard.

We need people who are willing to give some of their time to get this plan rolling. People to put their boots on the ground, to wield a pick, shovel or rake, and to get as dirty as all get-out. We also need people who own and operate machinery to help build the trails.

You'll get a great workout, be outdoors, and you'll be helping create a distinctive landmark that will be enjoyed by many people in the years to come. And you'll be able to think to yourself as you ride the trail, "I helped build this trail!"

Please email to join us -- and tell your horse lovin' friends about this project!

Volunteer Gear + Trail Tools

  • Boots and work gloves
  • Water
  • High-energy good-carb snacks
  • Insect repellant
  • rakes: leaf, garden, or landscaping (leaf pref.)
  • gas-powered blowers
  • machetes
  • sling blades
  • loppers and pruning shears
  • hand saws: bow, pruning, etc.
  • gas- or battery-powered string trimmers
  • axes and hatchets
  • shovels, picks, adze hoes
  • post-hole diggers
  • wheelbarrows

  • Bobcats, small bulldozers, backhoes, trail building machines


Next Horsey Day

Meet at the Visitor Center

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Horsey Maps

CAUTION: the equestrian trail maps below are provided for informational purposes only. There is NO cleared trail through the woods. You will be At Your Own Risk if you go exploring it.

FLAGGED trail - click image to view.
Key to trails is in image.

Horse Trail Head - Need Updated Drawing

Park Map - as of 11/20/2016

Click images for previews.
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Updated 22 November, 2016   

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