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GA DNR Documents

CBSP Master Trail Plan, Draft, August 2013 - 60"x36" PDF, 5.6 MB

Flat Rock Loop, Boulder Valley Loop, TH1 Loop Review - PDF

Trail Documents

The links in this section are web pages created from Google Drive (aka Documents) and need no special software to view. If you'd like to help edit/amend some, let Steve know.

Hiking Trail Assessments - spreadsheet, multiple pages

Hiking Trail Distances - Measured with wheel

Hiking Trail Signage - spreadsheet

Mountain Bike Trail Assessments - spreadsheet, multiple pages

Horse Trail Assessments - coming soon...

Trail Maps and GPS Tracks

Map Images: Click an image to view enlargement for download and printing. All maps are oriented with the top being North. Track colors vary; a key is on each map image.

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Map Image (click to enlarge) Description Last Update

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Trail "Aerial" Overhead

Trail "Aerial" Angle 1

Trail "Aerial" Angle 2

GPS Files

Hiking Trails ~ Trail Head 1:
Flat Rock Trail and Boulder Valley Trail
Across Bobwhite from Trail Head 1 is the smallest of the granite outcrops at the park, but it's the most famous, as it borders the former location of Flat Rock Road. Some of the most scenic views in the park are these trails.

The Flat Rock Trail is a 1-mile (round-trip) trail in close quarters with gnarly pines, lichen- and moss-covered outcrops, and big boulders. The scenery changes with every other step!

The Boulder Valley Trail is 1.1 miles end-to-end; round trip includes two possible routes on the Flat Rock Trail at about 1.75 miles.

Tentative Build Schedule:
Phase 1: Flat Rock Trail loop
Phase 2: Boulder Valley from north intersection with Flat Rock Trail to Connector
Phase 3: rest of Boulder Valley

GPS files include both trails accessible from Trail Head 1.


MapSource Map updated Feb. 11 '13

Aerial Maps Jan. 15 '13

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Hiking Trails ~ TrailHead 1
East-West Trail and Loop. North loop is moderately challenging. South loop elevations change quickly.

Map shows Equestrian Trails (flagged), potential primitive campsite, an old two-track road and part of the road used by construction crews.

Apr. 28 '12

^ Lo-Res Preview ^

Hi-Resolution 11"x17" Map

Trail Head and Parking (.jpg)

GPS files

Equestrian Trail ~ Central Loop
Nine-mile central loop with two shortcut spurs and parking area, plus other park trails (current and proposed) included.

Trail Description (.doc)


Aug. 15 '12

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Garmin GPS files

11 x 8.5 printable map 

Mountain Bike Trail:

For on-site review.

April 28 '12


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Garmin GPS files 

Mountain Bike Trails

For SECOND DNR review.

April 28 '12


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Garmin GPS files

Mountain Bike Trails

For first DNR review.


Jan. 8 '12


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Garmin GPS files


Hiking Trails ~ East-West
West end of trail from Riverside to Campgrounds to Tower Trail..



Mar. 18 '12



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